How to Get Derfed, A Brief Guide


Travis the Squirrel SculptorOver the past little while I’ve been creating Derf avatars for people on Twitter. I continue to get a bunch of requests every so often, but my criteria for choosing people to be Derfed is rather vague. If you’re interested in getting Derfed, this post is to help you guys catch my ADHD-snarled attention.

The majority of Derf avatars I have done for little or no compensation. This is because, despite my general lack of free time, I get excited about drawing one. When someone comes to me and offers a very hilarious/awesome/unique idea for an avatar, I am compelled to bring it to reality as best as I can.

Christian RenoeI am also incredibly lazy, so this saves me the trouble of coming up with my own idea.

When I am not inspired to draw something, it will not turn out well. I don’t want to draw something no one, myself included, will like. This is why I try to be selective about who I Derf.

That’s basically it. Give me an awesome idea. Be super enthusiastic about it. Offer up something I haven’t done before. It makes my job a lot easier if you give me an amazing idea I can run with, and you get a much higher chance of getting Derfed.

P.S. Note that your request may/will still go unanswered, because I am pressed for time or am still not interested. Sorry! Anything graphic or profane will also be ignored.

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  1. Ricostravels says:

    Hi derf, love your work…I think my avatar would look cool as either me walking away from the frame with cards spilling out or simply a suitcase/backpack with land stickers as “travel stickers”. Travelling would be key in any picture haha

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