Why my #Vorthos might be broken

“What’s your favourite card?”

Aside from the obligatory “Questing Phelddagrif OBV” response, I don’t really have clear-cut favourite cards. I don’t have a favourite colour either, nor do I have a favourite guild. I find it aggravating that when asked to associate myself with a guild, I can only shrug (and maybe muster up a “Meh” if further prodded).

I also don’t have a favourite playstyle, which doesn’t help things. I play aggro and control strategies with an equal level of comfort. I just can’t play combo decks.

It’s kind of freakish. And disconcerting.

I feel like I’m the anomaly here. When I think of “favourite” cards, I think of cards that “feel good” to play. But most of the time “feel-goods” stem from value plays. Does slamming a Karn Liberated on an empty board make Karn Liberated my favourite card? Does Mana Draining into Wurmcoil Engine make Mana Drain my favourite card? I feel like value alone can’t be the sole criterion of what makes a card a favourite on the “play feels” scale.

(I must admit, Skinrender is one of my favourite value cards. Who could resist that face?)

When #Vorthos thinks of a favourite card, I imagine there’s a certain charm to it, a combination of artwork, flavour text and gameplay function that evokes a visceral response. My preferred cards in these instances always veer to one extreme or the other. I love Skullscorch and Sorrow’s Path for being in the realm of “so bad it’s good,” or I love Jace, the Mind Sculptor because it’s so spikey. I can’t really call them favourites, because there’s no emotional reaction there.

So, help me out here, guys. What are your favourite cards and why?Β Leave a comment and I’ll send someone a set of Durdling Around stickers!

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  1. Chris Rush Lightning Bolt (card of my childhood)… though lately I’ve been casting many many Cryptic Commands, and that feels pretty good (from a gameplay standpoint). Cryptic is a good one since unlike Karn, Mana Drain, Skinrender, or a lot of other cards, it’s often good in different ways, so the feeling doesn’t get old (I guess).
    I also have little art/flavour resonances that get me, e.g., Gloom Surgeon, Amphin Cutthroat. These can go with gameplay or not, i.e., I’ve never cast a Gloom Surgeon in a game of Magic, but I drafted many many Cutthroats and played quite a few of them, since I love to block in limited. Anyway.

  2. My favorite card is Balance. There was just something about being able to break a card like that when it should be the ultimate in fairness that make my inner Evil Overlord cackle with glee when it resolves. Armageddon is a similar feeling, but nothing comes close to casting Balance.

  3. ssvegeta171 says:

    My favorite card is Cursed Scroll. It was the first rare I ever opened and it’d had a special place in my heart ever since.

  4. Casey Spark says:

    Avacyn Angel of Hope, it was given to me by a friend before he left and so that beautiful art combined with sentimental value really does it for me.

  5. Gideon Jura. I mean, who can resist using a planeswalker to bash other people’s faces?

  6. Kevin says:

    +7th Edition Wind Drake has always been a pet card for me. One of my first cards when I started playing, so he holds a lot of memories for me.
    +Angel’s Grace was a card I gave to a friend for helping me out when I was depressed, so I think of her every time I look at that card.
    +Sliver Legion gets a special mention because I printed out proxied-art copies of my Sliver deck to portray my Slivers as superheroes working together to defeat my opponents, so it’s always a blast for me to see my favorite superheroes on the battlefield throughout a game. πŸ™‚

  7. norbert88 says:

    Thieving Magpie because both arts are insane, and the card design is just beautiful.

  8. norbert88 says:

    Thieving Magpie because its art is insane and its card design is just beautiful. Feels so good to be in control of a game slowly killing them with a Magpie and counter backup.

  9. Armando says:

    Shivan Wurm for me. One of my first rares, and so great that i have been building decks around her even at this day n_n.

  10. tylerthefro says:

    Delraich, hands down. It was the cornerstone of the first deck I ever brewed, and it was the only deck I ever had banned from the lunch tables as a kid πŸ˜›

  11. TheBamtan says:

    I would say my favorites are probably based on when I started. Having only access to a deck builders’ toolkit, my favorite creature would be Vampire Nighthawk. From there, my first actual deck was a version of legacy Merfolk, with the favorite being Coralhelm Commander.

  12. Beto says:

    My favorite would probably have to be Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite. She was the first Legendary Creature I pulled from a booster pack when I was just starting out, and she has won me so many games since then I can’t help loving her. Just the flavor of white Phyrexia mixed with a 4/7 body that pumps all my weenies and wipes my opponents field is something I can’t stop loving.

  13. Billy LaPlant says:

    My favorite is Bonds of Faith. I really like the art <3. My friend that i hadnt seen since GP san diego met up with me last night and he surprised me with a signed set.

  14. Ethan ozanich says:

    My favorite card is chandra the firebrand because she lets you cast two spells for the price of one. She allows you to trigger bloodthirst by pinging your opponent. Finally she burns your opponent for 6 damage. She is far better then tibalt is because of this.

  15. I often find myself in the same position. I am attracted to value and don’t have much that draws me to any one card.

    I will say Penumbra Wurm was the first card that really made me excited. It’s a 6/6 that makes another 6/6 when they finally deal with it. And it becomes terror proof!

    I can’t even say a color has my heart. Infact it’s probably playing all the colors that makes me happy. My first deck was a 120 card 5 color deck that had all basics. And could win a match when I found out what standard was and got taken down to 40 lands/30 spells.

    Value has my heart. So Stoneforge, Jace(both beleren and the sculptor kind), squadron hawk(played it in legacy) and preordain are some of my favorites.

    Other things to note are 2 card instant win combos. Particularly kiki/splinter twin+untap cards. I love winning on my t4 after getting attacked by kozilek.

  16. Richard Byrd says:

    Amrou Kithkin. I’ve always loved the art.
    When I first started playing it was in large groups and I would cast the card and never attack with it. I just wanted the Kithkin to exist on my plane. Of course if someone did kill it directly or with a board wipe it meant instantly being a target for the rest of the game even if I over extended to avenge it. Lots of good times and memories with that card. I was saddened to hear Hoover passed away.

  17. chanovega says:

    Favorite cards have a tendency of making you smile when you draw them. when the card does what its intended, the person inside you giggles with joy. For me, its when graceful antelope starts converting stuff into plains. Or when i topdeck a jolrael, empress of beasts after a board wipe an hour of into a game. There isn’t anything special about these cards. They just make me smile.

  18. Julien says:

    I love about every card drawn by foglio, especially the Killer Bee, or Presence of the Master.
    The time when Magic was’nt taken too seriousely and artist had real liberty to what they drew.

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