What To Do at Grand Prix Toronto, by Derf

Hey everyone,

I’ll be at Grand Prix Toronto this weekend! There’s a lot of cool stuff to do, of course, but here’s a handy list of specific, self-serving things I’m coercing you to do:

1. Visit the Face to Face Games booth all weekend for Durdling Around merch! You want it, you got it! The Face to Face Games booth will have these two playmats up for grabs ($25 for the classic Misty playmat, $30 for the ALL-NEW (omg) Goblins vs. Elves playmat). This was a small print run, so don’t wait to grab them!

Image Image

Face to Face will also have the very first Durdling Around T-shirt, featuring Misty and Batterskull! ($20 each, sizes S to XXL available). Again, this is a small print run so make haste!


2. Visit the GP Toronto Charity Auction Table all day Saturday and take part! My buddy Ryan of Bulldog Games is organizing this Silent Charity Auction to raise funds for the Philippines Haiyan relief effort. There are some awesome items up for grabs, like a Commander’s Arsenal box donated by Wizards of the Coast!

There will also be some very cool MTG people gunslinging at the table, such as MattyStudios of the infamous Heavy Meta podcast and Jason Alt of the always-knowledgeable Brainstorm Brewery podcast. And me, I guess. I also illustrated a special token for the charity, so be sure to visit the table, check everything out and support the disaster relief.

3. Come visit me at the Face to Face Games booth on Sunday afternoon! From 1 to 3 pm, drop by Face to Face Games to say hi and chat! As well, I’ll be doing token commissions ($5 each) with brand spanking new Durdling Around blank tokens, selling prints ($3 each, 2 for $5) and taking requests for general artistic tomfoolery. I hear Scotty Mac and Jeremey Schofield of the world-famous Eh Team podcast will also be in attendance, so be sure to find them and bask in their glory.

Come say hi to the short Asian guy in the Derfington Manadeprived hoodie at any time! Hope to see you all this weekend!

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