On Longevity

If you’re a long-time friend or follower of mine, you may know that I started Durdling Around in 2011. That means I’ve been drawing Magic-related art for more than seven years.

Sometimes I look back and wonder. I think about all the friendships I’ve made since then, because of the Magic community. I’ve met so many cool people and made so many new relationships than if I had were I just a simple Magic player.

Then I also think: why have I been drawing this long? Seven years is a long time to do something. Very early readers are aware that I used to post a comic every week for the first few years, but I scaled back because it was too much for my personal schedule. Nowadays, I post a new comic every couple weeks, plus some other doodles on the side.

I’ve never been completely burned out. I’ve watched fellow artists come and go, yet I’ve stuck around – and I don’t really know why. Is the comic a habit? Am I doing it out of obligation for my readers? Am I actually enjoying it? These are the kinds of cynical questions that plague an artist’s mind.

For whatever reason, I haven’t quit. If I ever do, you’ll be the first to know.

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